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Time and Again

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 Site Wide Plot
Starfleet Command
 Posted: Oct 3 2014, 04:38 PM


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Time And Again
Site Wide Plot
2387 - In an attempt to save Romulus Spock, using red matter, created a hole inside of a super nova. Romulus was destroyed but the super nova was stopped by Spock, who, in the process, was sucked into the hole. Shortly there after the Department of Temperoal Investigations began to conduct field work on the accident.

"All temporal investigations lead, eventually, to the USS Enterprise"
- A running joke in the Department of Temporal Investigations

USS Enterprise 1701-E
It was true. The DTI field work of Spock's created hole led them to the USS Enterprise. Spock had been aboard, as well as the vessel Jellyfish and the red matter and been delivered within Romulan Space to attend to the Hobus supernova.

Despite the DTI investigation, Starfleet conducted their own investigation of Spock's disappearance as well as handling diplomatic resolutions involving Romulus Space who now finds itself in turmoil. Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise are resolute in finding Ambassador Spock where as the DTI finds that the red matter hole had opened into another alternate timeline and had no consequences on theirs, minus the disappearance of Spock, but it is debated as to whether Spock's resurgence elsewhere is in consequence to the alternate universe.

The ripple of Spock's accident transverses the galaxy but none so faster than Q's appearance to James Kirk, captain of the USS Belle Reve. This pushes Kirk into Romulan Space amongst the chaos in an attempt to discover how to find his old friend.

USS Enterprise 1701 A (from alternate timeline)
Spock accepted a responsibility to New Vulcan and the preservation of his culture and species. The re-establishment of a government and the beginning of rebuilding the Vulcan Science Academy.

While studying the signatures left behind from the red matter hole that destroyed Vulcan, Spock detects low level temporal distortions and believes it is residue exotic matter holding a portion of the dormant red matter black hole open and requests the help of the USS Enterprise for assistance to avoid any further destruction and consequent distortions; the hole created to destroy the Narada at Earth, the hole that destroyed Vulcan, and the tail ends of the holes Spock and the Narada traveled through.

While Spock Prime, Captain Kirk, and Spock review findings they are interrupted by the appearance of Q, informing them of something they have missed, a quiet temporal echo.

"Spatio-Temporal" Entropy
The red matter used to create a singularity unknowingly opened unstable wormholes to an alternate universe. While the singularity does not effect linear time the in the universe it is created in, as far as temporal abnormalities, it does create them in the universe the singularity opens into (Vulcan being destroyed).

Residual red matter keeps the universe from the tail end of the singularity from closing entirely by displacing spatio-temporal entropy. This creates the problem of the singularity opening again.

Q and Revelations
Q's subsequent vistations with both Enterprises about another temporal fluctuation begs his intentions. Further investigation does not show any relation between the red matter residual causality; however, neither Enterprise is aware of the temporal rift also appearing in both universes.

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