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Kathryn Janeway
 Posted: Jul 9 2015, 01:24 AM

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I've been wanting to share this for months now and I've kept forgetting -- but this might be the perfect chance.

Disclaimer -- there is a LOT of profanity and vulgarity, so please keep that in mind if you click on this. That being said, these are absolutely hysterical.

There's an artist named Aurelio Voltaire and he has a CD called "BiTrektual". The CD is a bunch of Trek and Wars songs, wich a random Dr. Who song at the end. "U.S.S. Make $h!t Up" is probably my favorite track on there, as well as the "Sexy Data Tango". Robert Picardo and Tim Russ make an appearance on the CD as wel.

Without further ado, here's a YouTube link that links to the whole CD.
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