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Beverly Crusher

Chief Medical Officer

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Oct 9 2014, 01:39 AM
The only thing that Beverly could honestly say that she disliked about being a doctor was the administration. Add in the fact that she was CMO, and, just sometimes, she felt as though she was drowning in paperwork, instead of looking after her patients. It was at times like this that she preferred to shut herself into her office, late at night, and better through it when the infirmary - and the ship - was at its quietest.

As it was, she only had a few days' worth of paperwork to go through, but it almost seemed as though it was neverending. Still, it had to be done. Settling down with a fresh cup of tea, Beverly started the tedious task of copying from her handwritten notes onto the computer. It wouldn't take long, but the fact was that it simply bored her. The cut and thrust of frontline medicine was what held her heart and captivated her soul, and here on the Enterprise, she certainly got plenty of opportunity to do what she loved.

Her attention was broken, though, by a noise just outside her office, and she stood, cocking her head to try to see just a little bit from where she was. "Hello? Who's there?"
Oct 7 2014, 11:25 PM
So... Beverly is the CMO of the Enterprise E, and is (hopefully) exactly as we all know and love her. Patient, compassionate, caring, she puts her patients above all else. However, she's not afraid to make a tough decision or a judgment call when needed. She's proved her worth time and again, and thrives in pressured situations.

She's most likely to be found in the infirmary, occasionally Ten-Forward, or spending time with those she feels closest to. I know this is sketchy, but, as this is a new timeframe for her, I'd like to work out as much as possible in play, as opposed to predetermining things.
Oct 4 2014, 04:07 AM
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<b><font color="#81DAF5">Character Name</b>:
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Beverly Crusher

<br><b><font color="#81DAF5">Location Requested</b>:
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USS Enterprise 1701-E

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As always, the infirmary was busy. On Deep Space Nine, there was never any let-up in people coming through its doors. Most of the time, it was simple, basic stuff: coughs, minor injuries and the like, but, as was typical with space exploration of any kind, there was always the potential for something more interesting or challenging to crop up.
Shame that today hadn't been one of those days.
Routine, easy, and, if Beverly Crusher were to be forced to admit it, a little dull. The most excitement had come when she had found that her favourite dessert had been available at lunch. So there was was, minding her own business, writing up some stray paperwork that had gotten away from her, when the typical call for a medic echoed through the infirmary. There was no urgency to it, so Beverly gave the tall, unfamiliar Klingon in Starfleet security uniform only a fleeting glance as one of the nurses rushed to his aid.
Her attention was only brought back to him at the sound of the young Vulcan, who had been carried in by the Klingon, thrashing around. There was the unmistakable crunch of a body crashing into one of the medical trolleys, and Beverly leapt from her chair, just in time to see the Vulcan thrashing around on his gurney, and one of her nurses in a crumpled heap on the floor. Security were nowhere to be seen, not for now, and she called out to the tall Klingon.
"Help us!" Pressing a button on the wall, the alarm sounded. Within seconds, she knew that she could rely on security to be all over the place, and order to be restored once more.

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