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William T. Riker


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Oct 7 2014, 07:15 PM
//\\ With a shake of his head, Riker spun and returned to the quarters he shared with his wife. He had forgotten something. And it was the most important thing, despite the galactic turmoil. He nodded to an engineer passing by, waited for a supply cart to hover by in tow, and reached his door. //\\


//\\ He hurried through the door and walked briskly to a cabinet in the bedroom area, next to the stand of his trombone. He sometimes missed the one that he'd given to his counterpart Thomas, but this one had finally been tuned and worn it to get close to the sound he desired. Looking over his shoulder to make sure he wouldn't be spotted, Riker grabbed the small box wrapped in a bow and tucked it under his arm, still cautious of intruders.

It was an olympic trial of mental exercise to have kept the surprise this long. He wasn't completely sure she didn't know. Then again...a chocolate this rare...had she known, there would be signs of tampering on the box.

He sighed to himself when he passed by a mirror. While they were not taken offensively or meant as such, Troi's jabs about his age and...increasing girth had made him think about his health and form. A captain should always be fit and prepared. Jean Luc could still whip fresh cadets, he reckoned. He was confident in his own ability...but was more assured since he had taken up more intense training activities.

Riker knew that the crew saw him stand taller recently, and it had the intended effect. But more importantly, he knew that she had noticed when the playful jabs became looks of...a different nature.

Starfleet had not yet given him his orders beyond the vacation being cut short. He had taken the initiative to respond to a hail from survivors of Romulus, a ship that wasn't damaged but was now without a home. The refugees were grateful, and the crew respectful of their situation. He found that both sides were surprised by the generous conduct and respect shown between those who had never been allies.

On the turbolift, he checked the bow on the box and began to steady himself so as not to give away the impending surprise. He knew she was on the bridge and that duty was light at the moment, so while it would be close enough to a private event, it wouldn't interfere with the call from Starfleet that was due any moment. What better time then to make the surprise, being as that he was always very 'business first' when on duty.

The turbolift slowed, and Riker took a deep breath. He had no idea that today marked the beginning of something that the destruction of Romulus was only a prologue to. The entire galaxy would be at stake, and Captain Riker would be part of deciding its fate. Meanwhile, his whole world was waiting for him...his wife, his bridge, his chair. Holding the box incredibly conspicuously behind his back, he stepped forward through the door into the dawn of a new generation... //\\
Oct 7 2014, 06:47 PM
Riker is in the highlight of his life. His years aboard the Enterprise were well spent, and he has no regrets. He has embraced his role as Captain and is prepared to create his own legend to rival that of his mentor and friend, Jean Luc Picard. His wife, Deanna Troi, Imzadi. Words could not describe. He hasn't even noticed or reflected on the fact that he no longer even sees other women as anything more than crewmates with longer hair...a natural development of finding 'the one'.

The Federation is in an uproar following the destruction of Romulus and Remus. Riker's vacation was called short, and he and his wife reported back to active duty to respond. Diplomacy was a crucial factor in the region, as well as relief efforts for the few survivors. Meanwhile, the disappearance of Spock and a Romulan mining vessel have provided further questions to be solved.

With alterations in familiar ship and crew, Riker sets forth to encounter old friends and new enemies as the Federation responds and attempts to maintain galactic peace!
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