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Nov 15 2014, 06:45 PM
::|| Kirk watched quietly as the Klingon continued his exercise, unsure if he had been noticed or not. Having faced him before in hand to hand combat, he knew how capable he was and not to underestimate him. He wondered how much of his victory was due to the shock of a human being so familiar with advanced Klingon forms.

Know your enemy.

Worf had set the level of his training at a higher level than default, according to the holodeck records and program parameters. He wondered what pushed him today, and if it were a wise decision to confront him now.

He was Klingon. Of course this was the best time. He wanted to speak with the warrior, not the docile Federation officer.

Kirk found a place to stand out of the way, and had still not been acknowledged. Worf's form was impeccable, but he could see the intense focus, the aggression and emotional content of his movements. He could spare no feelings for his simulated opponents, but some of it was cringeworthy nonetheless.

While he waited for a break in the fight or for Worf to pause, he reminded himself that it'd been too long since he had a proper workout. Something he'd need to correct once things settled down... ||::
Oct 11 2014, 10:15 PM
::|| Coming out of warp was very smooth. Captain James T. Kirk was impressed with the alterations and upgrades performed, more and more since they had set out toward the Neutral Zone. They now had arrived, having detected the Enterprise and set course to intercept. Another ship was inbound as well, a ways behind, but he had shown little concern toward it.

They had not sent any kind of advance notice, and Kirk smiled at the thought of catching Picard off guard. He hoped this reunion would be pleasant...he suspected that things could turn quickly if his plan was discovered. Battling the Enterprise, as capable as the Belle Reve may be, was not high on his list of hopeful outcomes... ||::

"There we are. I think we'll find a warm welcome once the...surprise has settled and pleasantries are exchanged. What's our status?"

"Operations nominal. All sections report improved functionality since Deep Space Nine, Captain."

"Thank you, Garruk. Vess, what's it sound like out there?"

"Communications between the incoming ship and the Enterprise began as we came out of warp. They have not yet hailed or responded in hostile fashion. Shall I open a channel?"

"Let's...wait for them to hail us. I want us to be as...subtle as possible here. Chandra, are you getting anything yet?"

"Oh gosh, Captain! You gotta see this! 'Member what I said 'bout the molecular variations 'cause of the law of...well, I was right, and you were right! But there's somethin' else...Captain, the..."

"Yes, yes, we'll discuss it further later. Let's first see how long it takes our...hosts to welcome us to their circle."

::|| Kirk was made nervous whenever Chandra started getting excited. Her tendency to get carried away also removed her caution. He hoped she wouldn't feel shut down by his quick dismissal, but he had to play this one very close.

The other ship arrived within minutes, and was instantly recognizable as the USS Titan. Picard's Commander had finally risen to Captain his own ship, and was already a legend in his own making. Kirk admired, and was perhaps more than a little envious, that the man had reportedly managed to maintain a marriage at that post, a rare accomplishment.

The two other ships were closer together, but Kirk was content to rest a fair distance apart. The view was incredible, if nothing else. So often he had looked at that familiar hull, but not near as much as he had spent looking outside from within. It wasn't his ship, nothing quite would be again. But the name, the silhouette, still gave him chills and a great sense of longing. He sighed and adjusted his position in his chair, and shortly his wait was over. ||::

"Incoming hail, Captain. The Enterprise."

::|| Kirk leaned forward in his chair and smirked. ||::

"On screen."
Oct 10 2014, 03:54 PM
Just put together a crew real quick for Kirk's journey. It is likely that The Security/Operations Officer is the only character that I desire to RP separately on his own. The others will probably just be mentioned for background purpose, and perhaps they will live through it all!

Science Officer
Bajoran Female, Chandra. Served in resistance against the Cardassians since youth. Often would stowaway aboard their ships to sabotage them from within. Often corrects and jabs playfully at Engineer, Helmsmen, and once in a while, the Security/Operations officer. Generally referred to by everyone as 'kid', due to youth, small size, and excitable and trickster type attitude. Has uncanny knack for metaphysics and astrophysics and complex mathematics, but really just seems to kind of know everything in an off-putting way.

Communications Officer
Vulcan female, Vess. While she is completely lacking in interpersonal skills and comes off cold, she is a natural genius with language and communications. She has developed a skill of monitoring multiple transmissions at once, in different languages, and being able to reproduce nearly all of it in its seperate pieces. She has the longest hair of anyone on the bridge.

Security/Operations Officer
Klingon/Romulan Male, Garruk. This hardy warrior was part of a secret colony of Klingons and Romulans, living in peace and intermixing in family and culture. Worf, Son of Mog once found and inspired the youth there, kindling the fire of their Klingon blood. He grew to be the largest of them and the strongest; the best hunter, the best fighter. But he is very short tempered, savage almost in martial conflict and aggressive in all endeavors. Intimidating, lacking humor, but known to be loyal and honest (it is debated if it is moral or because he is too stupid to lie). Not particularly smart or fast in general, but relentless and stubborn. He has escaped every prison that has held him, but his grasp of technology just enough to operate in his elevated position. He is not wanted by any authorities in Federation space at this time. Garruk has the second longest hair on the bridge (long, straight Klingon mane pulled behind pointy Romulan ears).

Romulan Male, Sorin. Pilot. Sneaky, intelligent, was operative spy when Romulus was destroyed. Felt he had no home, no life, no hope. Kirk pulled him out of a bar when he recognized his rank on tattered uniform and brought him out of his funk. Quiet, calculating, slight of form. Earned respect among the crew by defeating Koth in a brawl.

Human Male, Koth. Pilot, soldier, strategist. On his way to training for the avanced ranks of Starfleet Intelligence, he was discharged prior to starting. Appealed to reenter, was allowed no command training. Studied command regardless. Has become bitter and focused, somewhat untrusting and confrontational. This led to a brawl with Sorin, which he lost due to his aggression and haste. The two are friends now, but in an incredibly competitive way. They constantly show each other an alternative approach to the same situation. It is likely Koth rather than Garruk who would be chosen to take the chair in Kirk's place.

Human Male, Venser. A younger person for his expertise, he is what Kirk saw in Scotty and perhaps more. Has grudge against Koth for something in their past, but it is never spoken of. Generally quiet about his personal life but vocal in discussion about theory, philosophy, and anything technically based. A friendly rivalry with Chandra, who often teases him with solutions she comes to quickly that puzzle him for a while. Likes to experiment with new things, new ideas, new tech and gadgets.

Led by Human Female Elspeth and Human Male Gideon. Both are soldier types, but generally friendly. Both have reputations of bravery and honor within the dispositions aboard. They have a basic medical training, mostly about wounds and surgery and less about disease, but both have been studying the tools and their uses in the medbay in order to perform their best. Both having lacked formal education are enjoying the dull manuals that cadets groan over, and are learning the advanced notions of their craft quickly, albeit still with a crude and practical perspective (not the tender bedside manner).
Oct 7 2014, 06:13 PM
::|| Kirk wiped the blood from his chin that poured from the small wound in his lip. The fight was shorter than he anticipated, and incredibly disappointing. The man's reputation was clearly a deception forged to intimidate his victims, and while Kirk had second guessed himself on even considering the criminal as a crew member, he now knew that this was not the place to be looking for one.

Spock's disappearance had lit the fire anew, bringing back every part of his youth that he thought he had lost since his return to life and the Federation. Teilani had lit the fire of his soul, and her loss had crushed it beyond repair. But the fire of his mind, and the passion that her loss had vanquished, had been charged full.

This wasn't about exploration, orders, duty.

This was Spock.

The young guard nodded to him as he walked by, still awestruck by the appearance of a legend many thought dead. He still hadn't gotten used to the looks. He used to joke, to laugh it off. 'Rumors have been greatly exaggerated...' He simply didn't have the patience or the time anymore.

His need for a ship and crew brought him back to the present, as it did when his mind wandered since he was given the full, 'unofficial' story of what had occurred at Romulus. Perhaps he was too harsh to judge the man he had just beaten...after all, his training and experience exceeded that of most people living. Not many humans could stand against a Klingon warrior, yet alone best them in combat. Or many of them, over years.

A Klingon. Now that was an idea. He smirked and dismissed it as quickly as it came.

Where would he go to find what he needed? He hadn't yet even tried the channels of Starfleet. He knew they would be in his way far too much. He needed talent and skill, but a rougher edge.

He also needed to know more about wormholes, black holes, red matter. Spock was his damn science officer, after all. The irony.


He knew.

One place to have a drink in the galaxy, where he knew he could begin his search. There were uniforms around, of course, but he knew he'd never avoid them completely. ||::

"Deep. Space. Nine."
Oct 7 2014, 05:36 PM
After the events of Star Trek Generations that saw the demise of Captain Kirk, the Romulans and Borg had formed a secret alliance, and resurrected Kirk with the intention of using him as an infiltrator and assassin. He quickly regained his memories and re-joined the Federation.

He has since met more trials and tragedies. The loss of his wife and son, an assault on the Borg homeworld with Jean Luc Picard, dealing with Admiral Janeway after her return from the Delta Quadrant and subsequent promotion. He has encountered most of the current generation senior officers of note in one form or another.

At this point in his life, there is still an internal war waging, between the constant thirst to adventure and captain a starship, and the recognition of his age. Despite being familiar with modern technology after having been in this era for some time, it still lacks the familiarity that he grew up with, and has yet to find a place to call 'home' (save the brief time with his wife and son).

The disappearance of Spock and the destruction of Romulus and Remus are a popular topic of discussion throughout the Federation. But to him, finding his friend and returning him home is a personal mission, and he does not intend to be bound by Starfleet regulations or any potential adversaries in the attempt to complete it.

Most of all, he feels alone in this quest, the friends of a generation past mostly deceased, and the ones living hardly capable of the physical activity required. He knows that he is barely able to keep up himself. He trusts Picard, respects both he and Janeway and the accomplishments of their respective crews. But he doesn't trust anyone in uniform to allow him to do what he knows needs to be done at any given time.

Kirk has not yet acquired a ship or a crew in his search for Spock. This will be his primary concern and focus in his appearances and interactions within Federation space.

Note: Kirk's age isn't specifically set, but I'd like to set him around the first couple movies. While he was older than that when he 'died', the technology used to resurrect him was regenerative, and I'd like to think that it restored him closer to prime and that he's aged a bit since then.
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